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    Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars (Amazon) 1.0

    Hack and slash your way through this third-person action game with RPG elements that sets players on a explore through vast fantasy-medieval environments as they combat with hundreds of monsters

    CallbackDisk 1

    With CallbackDisk you can create and manage virtual disk devices within your application and expose these disks to Windows as if role player were real disk devices.The disks turn visible to all process in the system

    MagiCall 2

    With MagiCall,you suffer the ability to block unwanted callers,automatically suspend up on someone bothering you,and in addition!Stop anyone you righteous don't feel like speaking to at the moment from disturbing you

    Lokad Desktop Workload Forecasting 1.0.0

    Author: Solutionsoft Rate:
    File Size: 574KB Update Time: 2007-10-1
    Language: English OS: Win98/WinME/WinXP/Windows2000/Windows2003/WindowsTabletPCEdition2005/Windows
    Licence:  Freeware Price: Free
    transfer workload suited for call centers and staff managers (retail,restaurants,hostels,..).overly much staff and money is wasted.Too few staff and customers secure mad.Scheduling optimization is a cornerstone of profitability.Get the right amount of scepter at the right time through workload forecasting. Get customizable reports with time of day,half-hour and quarter-hour aggregation for your forecasts.Retrieve historical data directly from your business application for a round integration.

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    1. Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars (Amazon) 1.0
      accuse into battle and crush the evil.
    2. CallbackDisk 1
      Create virtual disks easily with kick out SDK.
    3. MagiCall 2
      For bidirectional calls and SMS filtering.
    4. Antair BlackBerry Call Screener 2
      The best yell screener for your BlackBerry.
    5. Automatically Close Popup Windows By Name Software 7
      conclude windows in Windows by their name.
    6. Smart Call Manager 5.23
      individual secretary for your smartphone.
    7. Script and Calligraphy Fonts 3
      10 Script and Calligraphy OpenType fonts.
    8. Cat Food Recall Cat Food 1
      Life rescue info.on the cat nutriment recall.
    9. Dog Food Recall Dog Food 1
      Life rescue info.on the dog nutriment recall.
    10. Callwave Internet Answering Machine 3
      Callwave Internet Answering political machine.