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Fractalius plug-in 1

Fractalius plugin creates different,eccentric artworks in a single pace.The effects are based on extraction of so-called hidden fractal texture of an appearance

Fractal Morphing Screen Saver 2

Fractal Morphing Screen Saver is a sort saver for Windows.Fractals fascinate us with thesis beauty and attractiveness.And as to morphing it emphasizes it to a remarkable extent

Implart Fractal Screensaver 1

Implart Fractal Screensaver is an amusing screensaver,that will plunge you into miraculous world of numerical fractals

Virtual Flower 2.1

Author: Solutionsoft Rate:
File Size: 2.25MB Update Time: 2008-5-27
Language: English OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinXP/Windows2000/WindowsTabletPCEdition2005/WindowsMedia
Licence:  Shareware Price: $14
bring about flowers and geometrical patterns in 3D.Watch them advance or unfold.A swirling pattern of stars suddenly coalesces into a geodesic ball with all the points gracefully touching.Navigate a wood of rustling leaves,or visit an islet with exotic flowers.The files are exceedingly tiny,extreme are four or five KB,adequate for inclusion in larger 3D scenes.Uses the popular VRML format - get the Cortona block in to view them.

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  1. Fractalius plug-in 1
    Creates eccentric artworks in a single pace.
  2. Fractal Morphing Screen Saver 2
    Very pretty morphing of fractals.
  3. Implart Fractal Screensaver 1
    Miraculous world of fractals on your screen.
  4. Fractal Screen 1
    This is a free sort saver for Windows.